Children’s Equiping Center



Vision and Values

At the very core of the Children’s Equipping Center, is our mandate to establish a culture that equips and releases children to be fully devoted to a lifestyle of wholeheartedness before God. The heart of our vision is to intentionally develop opportunities for children of all ages to be equipped to heal the sick through the laying on of hand, to prophesy, to preach, to teach, to give from their heart to the poor, to worship, and to evangelize to the lost. We want to provide opportunities for them to express and grow in their gifts as musicians, singers, and prayer leaders.

Core Beliefs

    • Bible Literacy: We equip children with a heartfelt knowledge of the Bible, through godly content and creative teaching methods.
    • Prayer: We teach principles about enjoyable prayer, that assist children in developing an intimate dialogue with God and a thirst for communion with Him.
    • Praise and Worship: We aspire to create an environment, where all children receive the opportunity to express their love for God and receive His love for them.
    • Power, Signs, and Wonders: We teach children that they can walk in boldness, zeal, and the power of God to participate in ministry to one another in such a way that signs and wonders can be released through them.
    • The Prophetic: We teach children to believe the promise given to us in Acts 2:17, that in these days His Spirit will be poured out on all flesh and that they are the ones who can prophesy, dream dreams, and see visions.


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